Business 101: Marketing Strategies for New Small Business Owners


What’s the difference between businesswomen who are super successful and businesswomen who can’t get out of survival mode? It all boils down to this: All successful business owners have a clear marketing/advertising strategy to manage their business more efficiently.

Unfortunately, most busy small business owners get so caught up in the daily marketing practices—building a website, advertising, tweeting, blogging, sending emails, optimizing a landing page, etc.—that they’re not taking the time to actually improve their tactics.

Strategy is simply the decisions you make to ensure your tactics work better. Your marketing strategy is the foundation for creating awareness, generating interest, closing sales, and continuing customer engagement. Your marketing strategy guides your business culture, your products/services and your pricing.

So if you’re a nеw small business owner, here are four of the most effective marketing/advertising strategies that can help you grow your business.



Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best form of digital marketing. Most site visitors will not buy from you immediately. Getting their contact information for “lean nurturing” and additional marketing is the best way to sell in 2019 and beyond. Email lists remain the highest converting channel for interacting leads.

Email marketing funnels begin with a “lead magnet”. This is usually a free offer that will encourage your site visitors to give you their email address. Possible lead magnets are a free service trial, a free digital download, a coupon, a “seat” at a webinar, or a site membership.


Organic Social Media

Using social media for your business is non-negotiable.

67% of consumers use social media fоr customer support, and 33% prefer communicating via social media over using the phone. If people can’t find your business through social media, they'll look for your competitors who are present on their favorite social networks.

The real question isn’t whether you should have an active social media account; it’s how much time and energy you should invest in growing your social following.


Google Adwords

There are over 40,000 search queries on Google every second. No other advertising channel has the potential to gеt your business before that many pairs of eyes.

Google Adwords is the godfather of online marketing. Despite being competitive and expensive, it’s been around a long time. Knowing how to use Google Adwords can be highly effective. It will even be less expensive if you use proper on-page SEO.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads excel at advanced targeting. They allow you to target a specific audience based on location, age, interests, online behavior, gender, and many other factors.

Creating Facebook ads is easy. All you need is a solid headline, one image, a bit of descriptive text, and a link.

What’s your favorite marketing strategy? Share your marketing experience in the comments below!