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Femology provides a network of co-working and acceleration spaces built for women entrepreneurs. A true haven to bolster the productivity and creativity of it’s members. An environment and workspace that is both transformative andcollaborative that offers dynamic office space, capital resources and mentorship needed to grow scalable and successful women-led businesses.



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Our Why

While there are social clubs and co-working spaces,

throughout the city there didn’t seem to be a universal, all-inclusive setting for women, at all levels, across all industries to gather, learn, support and connect. The gap is wide and widening further as women are becoming entrepreneurs at record levels. In order to reach more women across industries with impact, value and effectiveness, the idea of Femology was born.Combining innovative and accessible workspaces with tailored learning experiences, content and programming, Femology seeks to enhance the greatest strengths of its members.




Our Mission

We’re building a dynamic and diverse community of women

who take control of their lives and investin themselves and each other. Femology is a haven for the creative, the ambitious, the change makers, and the trailblazers. It is the ultimate business advocate for women providing the mentorship and social community needed to thrive.

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Our History

Founded in 2017 by Meagan Ward,

Femology was born out of the sheer need of women wanting to hold space. Meagan is the incomparable impact leader, strategist and branding maven leading an enterprising network of professional women through dynamic execution of brand creation, strategy and advocacy. Crafting her own life’s work around the transcendence of womanhood and career, Meagan’s keen expertise as a serial entrepreneur and industry trailblazer consistently propels women forward in successful business ownership through transformation of passion into purpose.

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After years of working with women through her design firm,

she realized the gap in the Detroit area for driven and entrepreneurial women to assemble. There was a burning desire for professional growth yet no physical place for women in business to get together with access to coaching, mentoring and networking, to name a few, at an enterprise level.